We want to let you know that your waist trainer is SUPPOSED to be tight. This is for your own good! If the waist trainer isn't tight, it won't work.

Most of our Luxx Dolls immediately assume that the waist trainer is too small when they first receive it... but after they finally get it on for the first time it starts to shape to their bodies and it becomes much easier to get on the second time.

By having a small waist trainer, you're going to SAVE MONEY in the long-run. Otherwise you will size down very fast and need to buy a smaller waist trainer much sooner than you anticipated. 

If you're struggling to get the waist trainer on right now, we recommend that you take a break and try to get it on tomorrow morning before you eat breakfast (when your stomach is flattest). We also recommend that you ask a friend or partner to help you get it on. You can lay on the couch or bed and have your partner do up the waist trainer for you.

If you believe that the waist trainer truly is impossible to get on, then you can purchase one of our waist trainer extenders which will extend your waist trainer by up to 3 inches. This way you can keep your waist trainer and it’ll fit you when you size down. Check out our extenders here!